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As a globetrotter, author, travel editor, and veteran member of the Society of American Travel Writers, Debbi Kickham (formerly known as Debbi Karpowicz) has contributed innumerable travel articles to prestigious publications around the world since 1984. Whether it’s offering travel tips for luxury wayfarers, off-the-charts luxury to sophisticates, or describing destinations, cruises and second-honeymoons that she and her soul-mate husband Bill have enjoyed, Debbi brings her unique lighthearted perspective to the world of travel. She is also the author of the bestseller, The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide: Diet and Beauty Secrets of Travel and Beauty Pros, Traveling Executives and Celebrity Travelers, which is the world’s first beauty book for traveling women and a combination of Allure Magazine, Travel+Leisure Magazine, and Born To Shop. So fasten your seatbelts, put your tray in the upright position, and get ready for a great ride as you read on! Check out Debbi’s profile and travel articles on WAG Magazine HERE

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A Month on Oceania Cruises

Ahoy, trendy mateys:  We recently took a 28-day trip on Oceania Cruises, aboard the Insignia — from Rome through the Mediterranean Sea up to Ireland across the Atlantic to Montreal. Why 28 days?


Upscale Living Magazine

Checking In With Hotel Fixer Anthony Melchiorri

Anthony Melchiorri is a hotelier extraordinaire.

A former U.S. Air Force protocol officer, he takes a no-nonsense approach as a fixer on the Travel Channel’s series “Hotel Impossible” and as the host of “Hotel Impossible: Five-Star Secrets,” as well as a presence on other TV shows.

Upscale Living Magazine

Armando Cassano Hair Studio is Boston’s Best-Kept Secret

Thanks to hair stylist and hair salon owner Armando Cassano, and his hair studio, and his Terra Aveda-concept spa, the Italian sweet life – la dolce vita —  is alive and kicking in Dedham, Mass. 

Upscale Living Magazine

The Big Boom in Korean Beauty

The rising popularity of Korean beauty products – commonly called K-Beauty – is exploding all over the USA, and all over the world. 

Orange County Register

Luxury Overboard

A couple veteran cruisers spend nearly a month on a Crystal Cruise ship.

WAG Magazine

Crystal Cruises Makes Sailing Shipshape

Let us start this article by telling you an interesting story about a production we saw on Crystal Serenity, which demonstrates the acclaimed service that Crystal Cruises provides to its guests.


WAG Magazine

How to Spend a Special Day in Capri

There’s an old saying that no trip to Capri is complete without purchasing three souvenirs — Capri sandals, Limoncello liqueur and local perfume.


WAG Magazine

You’re Sure to Fall in Love With Old Cape Cod

Who doesn’t love a vacation that incorporates wonderful accommodations, great food and terrific natural resources that offer atmosphere — and more atmosphere?


WAG Magazine

March of the Penguins in the Falkland Islands

There’s nothing like Crystal Cruises, especially when you’re visiting Antarctica.

We recently sailed on the Crystal Serenity, where we had the opportunity to visit the Falkland Islands — and the furry flightless birds that call this area home.


Paris with Panache (Please turn to page 86)

Who doesn’t dream of a European honeymoon? Here are some hidden honeymoon treasures in Paris to make the most of your trip and add extra “oo-la-la” to your new life together. 

WAG Magazine

The Insider’s Beauty Secret

Would you be interested in visiting one of the world’s oldest pharmacies, which today makes award-winning, botanically inspired beauty products but originally made treatments for the Black Death?

Luxe Getaways

Boarding Pass to Better Travel

These wonderful products take the “travail” out of travel  #worldsbesttraveltips

Upscale Living Magazine

Top 10 Fashion Classics

How do you spot a true style maven? When she shows her good taste by wearing some of the inimitable, chic fashion classics that deserve a spot in her walk-in closet.  Here are some of the timeless pieces every luxury fashion lover should own.


Upscale Living Magazine

Paris With More Panache

Follow our insider tips to get the most “oo-la-la” out of your trip.

Who doesn’t dream of a French luxury adventure – and a few “under the radar” Parisian secrets?

WAG Magazine Online

Luxe Concierges Have Seen, Heard – And Done – It All

You want it? You can (probably) have it. Luxury hotel concierges around the globe have heard it all from their well-heeled guests.


WAG Magazine Online

Under The Radar Beauty

Off-the-beaten path beauty products you’ll love.


WAG Magazine Online

A Meal to Remember

Dine where you will in Paris.


It enchants with unforgettable restaurants. But for a once-in-a-lifetime treat, look no further than 114 Faubourg at the elegant Le Bristol Paris, named “the best hotel in the world, 2015” in “The Gallivanter’s Guide.”


I’ve had many fabulous meals, all over the world. But I have to say that our dinner at 114 Faubourg was, hands down, the best meal I have ever eaten in my life. Anywhere.


WAG Magazine Online

Paris With Panache

Ah, the City of Light — the City of Love.

Being in Paris is a sensational way to create romance.  I’ve discovered some hidden gems to help you enhance your time there and make your trip the most “ooh la la” ever. Remember: Hold hands throughout your journey and steal a kiss whenever you can, especially when you’re enjoying a café au lait, exploring the Eiffel Tower or shopping for that special souvenir.


Signature Luxury Travel & Style Magazine

Sailing on an Aristo-Craft

Debbi K. Kickham and husband Bill have found their cruise “sweet spot” on Azamara Club Cruises, and recently sailed in the Mediterranean, enjoying everything including complimentary “AzaMazing” experiences on their extended 23-day journey. Azamara cruising is a privileged place where there is no “No.”


WAG Magazine Online

’Round The Globe

Luxurious skincare and makeup products from around the world provide gorgeous globetrotting, no matter the season – but without the jet lag….


WAG Magazine Online….

Booking Your Luxury Travel In Advance – And Abroad

Has this horrific travel situation ever happened to you?. . . .


WAG Magazine Online

Dutch Treat

I flew KLM on my first plane trip ever, in 1964. To this day, I remember what a wonderful experience it was. . . .

WAG Magazine Online

Viking Conquests

How can three generations of relatives make the most of a European vacation?  A Viking River Cruise. . . .

Add World Traveller Plus To Your Passport

Yes, it’s always great to go first class — but British Airways has a NEW way of traveling. British Airways’ World Traveller Plus is a great way to fly — I recently took it roundtrip from New York to Heathrow to Paris, and it made the experience all the more wonderful. . . .

WAG Magazine Online

Divine Hospitality at the Shangri-La

If you and your family have ever dreamed of enjoying the ultimate Paris hotel — even if only for one night — you must, must, must consider the Shangri-La Hotel Paris. . . .

WAG Magazine Online

Come Fly (Stylishly) With Me

Remember the good old, glamorous days of aviation, when flight attendants wore leather gloves instead of rubber gloves? Well, those golden days are back. The Italian airliner Alitalia’s new uniforms — in a red, green and gray palette unveiled in Rome this past May on the catwalk — feature gorgeous green leather gloves from Naples, among other fashionable goodies. All we can say is, “Ciao, bella.” . . .

WAG Magazine Online

Cozy Cruisin’

Azamara Club Cruises offers a Goldilocks moment in cruising — just right for those who want a luxury line with only 670 passengers, delectable food and posh amenities — as we discovered during our 23 days of back-to-back cruising from Venice to Athens to Rome aboard the Azamara Journey. . . .

Upscale Living Magazine

Checking In With Hotel Pro Anthony Melchiorri

Anthony Melchiorri is a hotelier extraordinaire. A former U.S. Air Force protocol officer, he takes a no-nonsense approach as a fixer on the Travel Channel’s series “Hotel Impossible.” . . .

WAG Magazine Online

Turning Back the Clock with Christie Brinkley’s New Skincare Line

One look at Christie Brinkley and you know that this is a woman who takes excellent care of herself — including her skin. So it’s fitting she should launch Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare — an antiaging line that works to recapture skin’s youthful qualities and protect it from sun damage. . . .

Upscale Living Magazine

Baverez Hotels: Paris’ Best-Kept Secret

You want to stay at one of the world’s best hotels in Paris? How about three of them, in the best locations in the City of Light, all owned by the same family? On my most recent trip to Paris I discovered a trio of hidden hotel gems that had never been on my radar screen before: Baverez Hotels. . . .

WAG Magazine Online

Canyon Ranch: It’s a Family Affair

I’m lucky. At 60 years old, and as a professional travel writer for more than 30 years, I have visited Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Mass., at least 10 times. . . .

Signature Luxury Travel & Style

The Pinnacle of Health at Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch is not your typical destination spa where you can take one or two fitness classes and then get a plain-vanilla massage. This uber-spa and winner of travel awards too numerous to mention is in a world league of its own, offering an integrative, comprehensive approach to your wellbeing. . . .

Upscale Living Magazine

Emirates Airline Offers Sky-High World-Class Service  (page 40)

Everyone dreams of experiencing world-class service in the air — and with Emirates Airline, those dreams are realized. . . .

Ocean Home

A True Ocean Home  (PDF)

There’s an old saying: the best two days in a boat owner’s life are the day he buys his vessel — and the day he sells it. Some people simply don’t want their own yacht. Instead, they prefer to cruise on a posh luxury liner and leave the steering — and the headaches — to someone else. . . .

Luxury Cruise News

Sailing On Azamara With Your Dreamboat An Ocean-based European Honeymoon Is The World’s Best-Kept Secret

Why limit your honeymoon to a land-based vacation? Here’s a little-known fact: Taking a cruise for your honeymoon is one of the smartest — and most affordable — things you can do, especially if you sail on Azamara Club Cruises. . . .

Bride & Groom

Oahu: More Hula, Less Moolah  (page 84)

Who doesn’t dream of a Hawaiian honeymoon? The Aloha State is captivatingly attractive — and expensive. But with our insider tips, you can have a champagne experience in the Pacific Paradise, at sparkling-cider prices. . . .

Porthole Cruise Magazine

If the Shoe Fits  (PDF)

If there’s one ultimate souvenir from a trip to Capri, it’s a pair of the handmade, custom-fit sandals that Jackie Kennedy made famous in the ’60s. Who can forget the inimitable shots of her strolling the Italian island’s cobblestone walkways, looking oh-so-chic? . . .

Hartford Courant

Ski Resorts Recruiting Beginners With More Incentives

If you’ve ever tried to learn to ski, you pretty much know the drill. You go to a ski resort, pay to take a lesson, and then, after about two tiresome hours of learning new skills and drills (and falling down plenty of times) you s-l-o-w-l-y make your way down a beginner “bunny slope.” Chances are the experience was so frustrating and unpleasant that you don’t make a return trip to that or any other ski resort, ever — never mind, deal with the nuances of buying skis and bindings. . . .

Hartford Courant

Canyon Ranch: An Uber Spa Experience

If you’ve ever wondered if a spa visit is really worth it — or can change your life — the following story should erase all doubt. . . .

The Boston Globe

Cruising Her Way to the Top: Edie Rodriguez

Edie Rodriguez is a type-A born-and-bred New Yorker and last year was made president and chief operating officer at Crystal Cruises. We checked in with her to see if her business life is all smooth sailing. . . .

The Boston Globe

Your Cruise Destination: Fat City? No Way

There’s an old saying in the cruise industry: The average weight gain on a ship is one pound per day. It’s easy to see why: Cruises offer oceans of opportunities to eat, eat, eat — with belt-loosening breakfasts, lard-laden lunches, and calorie-cascading dinners, along with snacks of pizza, ice cream, coffee drinks, cookies, and everything else on the fattening food chain. Some passengers, who want to assure they get their money’s worth, will actually eat a couple of breakfasts and lunches in one day, along with dinner and a midnight buffet. So, how to maintain your playing weight on a cruise? . . .

The Boston Globe

Making the Magic Happen for Struggling Hotels

Anthony Melchiorri is a hotelier extraordinaire. A former US Air Force protocol officer, he takes a no-nonsense approach as a fixer on the Travel Channel’s series “Hotel Impossible.” In this program, now in its fifth season, Melchiorri uses his 24 years of hotel experience, plus a wealth of business strategies (and a terrific sense of humor) to rescue and revive struggling properties and put them — in just four days of taping — onto the fast track to success and profitability. . . .

The Boston Globe

Looking Neat at 35,000 Feet

Since 2008, Rebecca Creer has been “chief beauty officer” at Virgin Atlantic airlines, an unusual position that is the first of its kind. She has flown more than 1,000 flights with the airline, and oversees the health, style, and well-being of the Virgin Atlantic crew. From her home base in England, she filled us in on her unique job. . . .

Johnny Jet

High-Flying Travel Tips For A Fabulous Flight

I became a travel writer 25 years ago, when I was an editor at Robb Report, “The Millionaire’s Magazine.” My very first press trip was a first-class affair, on PanAm, to the South of France. Nice work if you can get it, right? But here’s the rub. . . .

Johnny Jet

First-Class Maui at Coach Prices

When you think about taking a Maui vacation, do you get worried? Do you fear that your pockets aren’t deep enough for this award-winning island? That there’s no way to go to Hawaii without overspending? Well, we’ve got good news for you. . . .

Cruise Critic

Top 10 Hawaii Water Activities

No visit to the Hawaiian Islands would be complete without getting on, into or at least near the water. So whether you like to get up-close-and-personal with marine life, hang ten in your chic surfer gear, or view the world from a friendly distance behind glass, there are oceans of options available to you. C’mon in — the water’s just fine. . . .

Cruise Critic

Top Ways to Save Money on a Hawaii Cruise

Who says a cruise to Hawaii has to break the bank? We’ve got some great suggestions for activities in port that are free, discounted or very affordable, so that you can say sayonara to expensive shore excursions. With these tips, you can do it yourself and experience Hawaii on a budget that won’t wreck your wallet. . . .

Oscillo Website

How To Make Coach Feel Like First-Class—And First-Class Feel Like Heaven

For some people, travel is a four-letter word. But if you plan ahead — and go armed with my insider advice (culled from 30 years as a professional travel journalist) — you can make your bon voyage even better. This way, you can look and feel first-class fabulous — even if you travel in coach. Ready for takeoff? Tote these in your carry-on. . . .

Exec Digital

Canyon Ranch: Where The Joys Are

Every time I visit the award-winning Canyon Ranch in Lenox — and I’m thrilled to say I’ve have been here at least six times — I learn something. The last time I was here, I attended a lecture by Canyon Ranch Medical Director, Dr Mark Liponis, co-author of Ultra-Prevention: The 6-Week Plan That Will Make You Healthy For Life, and I went home with lots of great tips. . . .

Exec Digital

St. Regis Bahia Beach: Opulence Incorporated

In a word, wow. That pretty much sums up our experience at the exclusive St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort in Puerto Rico — the only five-diamond-rated resort in all of Puerto Rico. This exotic enclave — the top-of-the-line brand in the Starwood family — is an ideal escape for executives seeking some enchanted evening — and every day too. . . .

Destination W

Destination Wedding Beauty: 10 Under-the-Radar Packing Secrets

For some women, travel is a four-letter word. But for brides who plan ahead — and go armed with insider advice — it’s possible to look and feel first-class fabulous, even if you travel in coach. Ready for take-off? Stash these 10 essentials in your carry-on. . . .

My Wedding New Zealand

We Got Maui-ed

Adding a marriage vow renewal to your travels can be your very own visa to more romance, and a spiritual endeavour that fosters deeper appreciation of your partner. It can also be a novel way to celebrate your wedding anniversary, or just re-capture your honeymoon. . . .

Let’s Travel

More Hula, Less Moolah

If there are two words that usually strike fear into your wallet, it’s “Hawaiian vacation.” However, as travelers to Hawaii for the past 25 years, we’ve uncovered a wealth of affordable options that are deeply discounted and dirt-cheap. . . .

Bonjour Paris

Eat Petite in France

It’s hard enough to watch your weight at home — but in France, the home of croissants and fromage, it is even harder. Even if you start your trip looking like Catherine Deneuve — you just might give into temptation and wind up as Gerard Depardieu. That said, I have uncovered some great ways to watch your weight when in France, so that you can still fit into your chic clothes. . . .

Exec Digital

The 10 Commandments to Make Your Seabourn Cruise Even More Fun

Follow these instructions and thou shalt have the best cruise of your life on the heavenly ships of Seabourn, voted by Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards in 2012, as being the World’s Best Small-Ship Cruise line. . . .


Spend It Like Beckham: Why Men Need Spas, Too

Back in 2004, the movie Cellular featured a character — a cop — who was about to retire. Was he going to spend his newly-found free time hunting, fishing, or traveling the world? No. He was going to open a day spa. That character was way ahead of his time. . . .

The Vancouver Sun

We got Maui-ed

Re-marrying your partner can re-kindle your attraction, fan the flames of passion, and let you re-live your wedding day — one of the happiest and most romantic days of most people’s married life. With that in mind, we decided to have a destination marriage-vow renewal at one of the world’s most beautiful places. . . .

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Maxi Maui, Less Money

Can’t afford to vacation in Maui? Lots of people think that — and they’re wrong. We have visited Maui every year for the last 20 years, and have discovered tricks and tips to make it an affordable place to stay. . . .

Exec Digital

Elite Luxury Cruises for the Sophisticated Maritime Traveler

Special complimentary excursions. Endless cocktails, wine and dessert. Private in-suite dinners. Turndown chocolates. Evian spritzes at the pool. Yawn. Can you tell we’re blasé? That’s because these little luxuries have become standard on premium cruise lines. . . .

Exec Digital

Luxury Goes Overboard At The Top 10 Cruise Lines

Paul Gauguin, What’s Included: Oceanview accommodations, all meals, complimentary beverages including select wines and spirits, in-room refrigerator replenished daily, all gratuities, and onboard watersports marina for complimentary kayaking, windsurfing and paddleboarding. . . .

Let’s Travel

Ten Commandments of Cruising

Here are my Ten Commandments to make the most of your cruise and add hours of pleasure to your aquatic itinerary. Since I have taken scores of cruises around the world, I offer you here what I believe is the insider’s guide to make every cruise even more enjoyable. . . .

Exec Digital

Quintessential Cape Cod for the Elite Traveler

Who doesn’t love a vacation that incorporates wonderful accommodations, great food, and terrific natural resources that offer atmosphere — and more atmosphere? We’re talking, of course, about the Lower Cape — specifically the towns of Eastham, Wellfleet and Truro, Massachusetts. . . .

Exec Digital

Maui: My Blue Heaven (Part 1)

There’s a good reason that the Hawaiian island of Maui was named “the best island in the world” by Conde Nast Traveler. It offers everything you could desire in a dream vacation. We recently visited Maui for the umpteenth time, and we’re still madly in love with it. Here’s why. . . .

Maui: My Blue Heaven (Part 2)

Maui: My Blue Heaven (Part 3)

Maui: My Blue Heaven (Part 4)

Maui: My Blue Heaven (Part 5)

Maui: My Blue Heaven (Part 6)

Exec Digital

Top Five Biz Travel Tips

For some people, travel is a four-letter word. That’s probably because they’re not prepared. But if you think ahead — and follow some of my off-the-radar tips — you can always make a bon voyage even better — and more comfortable and luxurious. . . .

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

Travel Success Is In The Bag

For some people, travel is a four-letter word. That’s probably because they’re not prepared. But if you think ahead — and follow some of my off-the-radar tips — you can always make a bon voyage even better — and more comfortable and luxurious. . . .


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