Your Place In The Sun

It’s almost summer — and that reminds me of a terrific offbeat marketing technique that was used by the company unusual marketing strategy? They purchased flip-flop sandals, and on each sole, they had the words “” carved out. That way, everyone who wore those sandals in the sand, left an imprinted message advertising Isn’t that clever? You can find these sandals at promotional products companies, such as Promotional Solutions in Melrose, Massachusetts. And if you’d like to do it yourself this summer, consider purchasing bottles of suntan lotion – then just create your own label advertising your business, including your contact information, and place it over the actual label…..then distribute them to existing or potential customers, as an inexpensive marketing technique. A financial planner, for instance, could do this, and include the message, “Your future is sunny when you work with us.” As a Boston-based marketing consultant, I highly recommend thinking outside of the box, or for that matter, thinking outside the shoe.
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