You Goofed, Paul Ryan

I opened Parade Magazine today, August 17, 2014, and read what I thought would be an interesting question-and-answer feature about Paul Ryan. Mr. Ryan was Mitt Romney’s running mate back in 2012, and some speculate he may make his own bid for the presidency in the next Presidential election. The article was pretty mainstream. The report asked about his loss in the previous Presidential election; discussed his father’s battle with alcoholism; and mentioned White House budget cuts for social programs. All good political subjects, right? Puts a positive spin on him, correct?

Then I got to the end. Here’s where Mr. Ryan a bow hunter, makes the following exclamation with great pride, about his 12-year-old daughter. “We went hunting right after the election and it was one of the most cathartic experiences, taking Liza out and seeing her shoot her first deer on opening day!”


Are you kidding me? This guy may run for office again, and he’s talking about killing defenseless animals? Is he out of his mind? What happened to his brain cells during that interview? If he had any hope at all of being a Presidential nominee, all was just lost when he inserted his big fat hunting foot into his mouth. I am dumbfounded that anyone, no less a politician, would express such glee about killing animals. My jaw dropped. OMG, someone please help me understand how a politician, of all people, could make such an offensive and idiotic statement to position himself as a frontrunner. Yes, politicians do this sort of dumb thing all the time. But as a Boston writer and communicator, I am beyond shocked. And totally disgusted.

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