Write A Book To Market Yourself

Today I’m here to tell you firsthand – if you want to make yourself into an expert, get your name and business into the media, and have customers knocking on your door, it’s easy – just write a book. I know, I know – it sounds like a lot of work. But today, with self-publishing, you can write your book without going through all the effort of writing a book proposal, and then getting an agent, and a publisher. I personally used the firm Outskirts Press, to publish my third and newest book, THE GLOBETROTTER’S GET-GORGEOUS GUIDE, which is available on Amazon.com, and is one of their bestsellers. Just about everyone has at least one book inside them, and publishing it yourself means that you can put whatever you want on the cover, and say whatever you’d like to say inside. You will still need an editor and a proofreader….but having a book under your belt, especially if it’s in an area of your expertise, is a win-win proposition. You’ll have to market and publicize it yourself — or you can hire a firm such as mine, Maxima Marketing, which masterminds marketing and publicity for a wealth of businesses, including plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and hair and skincare salons. Check out my blog for more great marketing and PR tips.

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