Visit Dollar Stores for Marketing Inspiration

I’m a marketing expert and a crackerjack marketing copywriter, and I love the power of words and ideas. I mastermind marketing and public relations for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and hair and skincare salons, along with all kinds of retailers. In my bestselling book OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS, I (and my co-author Nancy Michaels) offer a wealth of no-cost and low-cost marketing ideas that every business can use. Do you need inspiration in your marketing? Then I suggest you visit dollar stores and party-planning stores. When you stroll around stores like this, you’re bound to come up with creative ideas that you can work into a marketing and promotion plan. For example, a friend of mine visited a dollar store and noticed some potholders. She had been trying to get a story placed in the media about her business, and it wasn’t working. So she sent potholders – priced one dollar each – to some local reporters, with the message, “It sounds like you put my ideas on the back burner. It there something else I can do to make this a hot topic for you?” And it worked. Inexpensive stores always provide inspiration, and all you need to do is come with creative wording. For a wealth of unusual ideas, check out my bestselling book OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS found on And always read my blog that complements my website at Maxima Marketing.

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