You’re about to send a press release to the local NBC affiliate in your town – and you’re putting your information and marketing materials into a nice, big manila envelope.

STOP! Wait a minute. Don’t you realize that EVERYONE sends information to the media in a manila envelope?

An effective small-business marketing tool is to custom-order envelopes in colors associated with your logo and your business. If blue and teal are part of your logo, by all means get yourself blue and teal envelopes, in various sizes, to coordinate. This marketing technique serves two purposes.

First, it makes your package stand out from the crowd – and the mountain of materials that editors and producers receive every day.

Second, another great benefit is that when you make your follow-up call, you can simply say, “My package is in the big blue envelope,” thus enabling the editor or producer to see it immediately, and perhaps, even open it right away, while you’re talking to them on the phone.

Don’t you see how effective this marketing tip is?

Don’t let yourself – and your message – get lost in the sea of manila. There’s a whole spectrum of marketing ideas that you can use to your professional advantage.

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