Use Bloggers To Boost Your Business

I’m a plastic surgery marketing consultant and publicist and a cosmetic dentistry publicist as well. Today’s marketing tip is to use social media to your advantage, and to enlist the help of online bloggers to help you get your message out to the universe. That’s what the iRobot company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, recently did, with their Ingenuity Challenge. They invited 10 Mommy bloggers to their company premises, hosted them for two nights in a hotel, and ran a contest seeking ingenious ideas, offering the winner robots and cash. The bloggers wrote all about iRobot and the contest on their blogs, and a panel of businesspeople picked a winner of the ingenious ideas contest. This idea worked much better for iRobot than just issuing a press release, says Nancy Dussault Smith, the vice president of marketing communications. She says that the buzz, tweets and comments created enormous awareness and helper iRobot to make a statement in the social media world. So, get on your computer and discover the bloggers who write about your industry. Check out my website, Maxima Marketing, no matter what business you are in, but especially if you are a plastic surgeon, cosmetic dentist, hair or skincare salon, because I specialize in those beauty businesses.

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