Too-Small Airline Seats? Here’s A Solution.

If you’ve traveled anywhere by plane recently, I’m sure you’ve noticed – the seats have progressively shrunk. When you’re squished into an airline seat – with nowhere to go, never mind stretch – you’ve felt the pain. The seat pitch – which is the distance between a point on an airline seat, and the identical spot on the seat in front of it – has shrunk from 35 inches in the Seventies, to about 31 inches now. That’s four inches of legroom. G-O-N-E. Seat widths have also dropped from 18.5 inches to about 16.5. And now someone really wants to do something about it. Senator Charles Schumer, a Democrat in New York, wants the Federal Aviation Administration to finally establish special standards for seats on airlines. In his words, the airlines have been causing passengers to sit like sardines. It’s true. My husband Bill and I dread any flight, even it’s for an hour. Note to airline marketers: You would do well to market and promote the fact that you aren’t going to change the size of your seats, and may in fact, even enlarge them. As a travel content provider, and travel marketing expert, I know that an airline that could ensure comfort and safety would entice passengers in droves. That would be very smart marketing. (And you thought only George Costanza of Seinfeld spoke about “shrinkage.”)

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