To Food Marketers: Just Say Yech

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with eating healthy. I can’t stand eating buttery sauces, or most full-fat desserts, or cheesey-gooey entrees. I simply don’t like them. I actually prefer a simple, lowfat, low-cal dinner of grilled fish, baked potato, and grilled veggies. (With an occasional piece of chocolate lava cake.)

But food marketers are ALWAYS finding new ways to create new food items, which are not in our best interest. There was Paula Deen and her fried pickles – and believe it or not, her deep-fried cheesecakes. As a food marketing expert, who frequently dines out and follows food trends, I know all too well about the food chains that are making sandwiches using doughnuts or actual breasts of fried chicken instead of bread. Or the frozen pizza companies packaging their products with a side order of chocolate-chip cookies.

Well, one artist in has had it with all that. Chris Godfrey created something called An All-In-One 12-Course Meal – IN ONE CAN – to highlight how food companies and marketers are always launching some kind of fattening gimmick to simply fatten their wallets.

Well, here is the artist’s take on all that.

In the article I read about this on MSN, the 12-course meal starts with local cheeses with sourdough bread. Next is pickled Kobe beef with charred strawberries, followed by a ricotta-cheese ravioli with a soft egg yolk. OMG, that already sounds disgusting. Next on the menu is a shiitake mushroom with peppers, topped with halibut poached in truffle butter – which is also placed in a coconut crepe. But that’s not all. The menu in the can also include risotto foraged-ramps, plus prosciutto and parmesan cheese. Dessert is “crack pie with milk ice cream on a vanilla tuile” along with a French cookie with a hazelnut latte. Dinner? It sounds more like a skit I saw once on Saturday Night Live. Then it’s all jam-packed into an aluminum can.

It leaves me speechless — and totally not hungry.

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