Think Like David Letterman

As a marketing and public relations expert, I’m always asked by business people: “What’s the best way to market myself and my business?” I like traditional marketing tactics, but I especially love off the wall marketing strategies and unusual marketing strategies, which I chronicled in my bestselling book, Off The Wall Marketing Ideas. Here’s one tip you can use: Create your own Top 10 List just like David Letterman, and highlight your achievements. Let’s face it: everyone loves Dave’s Top 10 list, and you can use that idea to your advantage. For example, after I make a sales call, I handout a one-sheet that lists, and I quote, “The Top 10 reasons should hire Debbi Karpowicz Kickham.” My mini biography of myself even gives my dates of employment, and it’s clever, witty and funny. For example, for one of the points, I mention that I offer the sizzle with the steak, as I used to write, snappy advertising copy for Lechmere and Filene’s stores. If you check out my website at, you can see this handout for yourself. But take your cue from funnymen Letterman or Leno and you may just get a new client. This is a low-cost, no-cost Meshuganah Marketing strategy that gets attention.

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