Well, it was bound to happen. The marketing gimmicks, wacky marketing, and souvenirs that paid tribute to the death of Public Enemy Number One. No sooner was Osama Bin Laden pronounced dead, than marketers capitalized on his demise in order to make a buck, which brings us to today’s tip – make your marketing timely. Among the items for sale right now include the obvious Osama Bin Laden T-Shirts, as well as buttons that poke fun at Bin Laden’s burial at sea, with the message “Fish Food.” There are coffee mugs, caps, bumper stickers that ask the question “Who’s next?” and even T-shirts for dogs. You can find these memorabilia items on websites such as, and At these websites, entrepreneurs can bring their original ideas, and determine if they make the cut to be produced. So, if you’re seeking to market your product or service –pay attention to the news and make sure that time is on your side. I say this as a Boston-based marketing expert who specializes in marketing copywriting, publicity, and expert in plastic surgery marketing, cosmetic dentistry marketing, hair salon marketing, and skincare salon marketing. Check out my website for Maxima Marketing,my business.

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