$35,000 Hamburgers At Mick Fleetwood’s Restaurant Is Smart Marketing

Here’s some clever marketing that is having enormous success on Maui. There’s a new restaurant on Lahaina’s Front Street, called Fleetwood’s. Yes, it’s named after the famous musician from the popular band Fleetwood Mac – Mick Fleetwood. He has opened a successful restaurant, with a British flair and even a Moroccan verandah – where patrons can dine on wild mushroom ravioli, Beef Wellington with a red-wine demiglaze and bangers-and-mash flatbread. But one of the most astonishing things on the menu is the delivered-to-your door $35,284.67 Harley Davidson Hog Burger. It’s made with one pound of beef, grilled Maui onions, and special burger sauce. For that price, you get the burger plus a spanking, shiny new Harley motorcycle that is signed by Mr. Fleetwood himself.

A great gimmick? You bet. As a Boston copywriter, I’m all for clever gimmicks. Believe it or not, Fleetwood’s has already sold four of them in three months, since opening its doors.

Who are the buyers? Ashley Leal, the Director of Dining Services, told me that “A lot of do-gooders have bought it.” Some buyers have bought the bike to donate to charities, while others have auctioned if off for a charity, to raise funds for all kinds of causes. “When they first mentioned this promotion I thought they were insane, but lo and behold, it’s genius.” Ms. Leal added, “Our goal is to sell five a year.”

But there’s just one small caveat – cheese is one dollar extra.

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