Team Up With A Marketing Partner

Marshall McLuhan said it years ago – the medium is the message – – and that is no truer than the recent collaboration between Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund. Coca-Cola Philippines and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature Philippines partnered on an eco-friendly plant-billboard to represent the two organizations’ commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. The 60×60 foot billboard is made out of sustainable, recyclable materials and is covered with 3,600 pots of the air pollutant-absorbing Fukien tea plant. Each of the pots was made from recycled bottles of Coca-Cola products, and each contains potting mixture made of industrial by-products and organic fertilizers. Each plant can absorb up to 13 pounds of carbon dioxide. Who can you partner with, and how would you make your statement? I offer this advice as a marketing consultant who is a plastic surgery marketing consultant and plastic surgery publicist, and I can basically market anything! One of my clients, a cosmetic surgeon, specialized in painting his own private copies of Vermeer masterpieces. We teamed up this doctor — and his replica painting of The Girl With The Pearl Earring — with Hollywood when it was premiering The Girl With The Pearl Earring movie in Boston, and it was a grand-slam hit. Check out Dr. Anthony Weikel at

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