Tap Into Local and National News To Market Your Business

Today’s tip? Piggyback on local trends, or events that are in the news. Here’s a success story related to that. A few years back I masterminded public relations for a plastic surgeon in the Boston area. This plastic surgeon, Dr. Weikel, of Boston Cosmetic Center, was a skilled artist, and a self-taught oil painter. In fact, he was highly skilled at creating, for his own collection, copies of masterpieces. One such reproduction was of Vermeer’s famous painting, The Girl With The Pearl Earring. Well, it just so happens, that years ago, Hollywood premiered a movie starring Scarlett Johanssen, entitled THE GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRING. Because I am a plastic surgery marketing consultant and publicist, I masterminded a showing of Dr. Weikel’s paintings at the premiere of the movie in the Boston area, thus giving Dr. Weikel enormous exposure to the public. What’s going on right now, in your backyard, that you can piggyback on and use to your advantage? For more tips, strategies and ideas on marketing and public relations, check out my blog at Maxima Marketing.

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