Marketing Success Is All Lined Up At PB Boulangerie, Wellfleet

Cape Cod, Massachusetts is famous for its “clam shacks” – those local establishments that offer you oceans of seafood in every combination possible, and are open only during the summer tourist season. But here’s a great example of a restaurant that is enjoying incredible success in Wellfleet, Mass., because of an engaging and innovative marketing idea that breaks the typical Cape Cod restaurant mold.

French chef Philippe Rispoli came to Wellfleet three years ago with this novel idea: Open an authentic French bistro and boulangerie, and keep it open year-round. A French restaurant in a place known for clam shacks, ice cream and pizza? Bien sur! Chef Rispoli’s risk has paid off. His PB Boulangerie and Bistro has been enthusiastically written up in major publications such as Travel + Leisure, and patrons make it a “destination restaurant” in which they make the trip to the Cape – even during the winter months — simply for the pleasure of dining there. (It has been rated in Zagat as the best restaurant on the entire Cape) When you visit PB, you will feel transported to Paris – there are small chalkboards, written in French handwriting, announcing the day’s specials, just like you’d see in a patisserie. There is a “limonaire” organ that, when hand-cranked, plays French music such as “La vie en rose.” And of course, there is first-class, high-quality French food – everything from charcuterie to pate de champagne, and duck rillettes.

But, as a Boston marketing writer, who specializes in marketing for small business at Maxima Marketing, I can honestly tell you that there’s something that happens here every day, that is the BEST form of advertising campaign

Every morning, the line is always out the door, as people queue up to purchase the award-winning baguettes (Bon Appetit named it the best baguette in America), batards, pain au chocolat, croissants, and other delicious treats that the bakery is famous for.
Yankee Magazine named PB Boulangerie the Cape’s best bakery.
PB Boulangerie is enjoying sweet success, deservedly so.

The marketing moral of the story? When everyone else zigs — you should zag!

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