Smart Travel Marketing: Sealed With A Kiss

How do you make lemonade out of a lemon? Especially in the travel business? I discovered an effective travel marketing program at Sandals, Jamaica, and as a travel content marketer, I can tell you it is a great idea.
Apparently, at Sandals Resort in Montego Bay, management was worried about the noise due to the hotel’s proximity to the airport – just ten minutes away. So, when the flagship property in Montego Bay opened back in 1981, founder Butch Stewart came up with an idea. He created a special tradition. Whenever a plane flew overhead at Sandals, guests were told to kiss each other, while team members were told to instructed at the plane.
The tradition lives on and all guests are seen smooching while planes fly overhead.
Apparently no one seems to mind!
And here’s another example of smart travel marketing.
In the wake of the Paris attacks in November, tourism to Brussels dropped. As a result, Visit Brussels launched an incredibly clever program to boost visitors to the city. It was called the #CallBrussels campaign, and it was born to enable local people to convince visitors of the city’s safety. Three phone booths were installed in three different locations in Brussels so that passersby could answer the phone, and vet that their city was safe! Calls were made to the phones between January 7th and 11th via the website, and there was even a webcam to film the action.
More than 12,000 people from 154 different countries called in!
It was a smart way to convince travelers that Brussels was indeed, not a war zone but a lively city filled with a wealth of fun and cultural activities.

I love smart, clever marketing ideas such as these.

This is what my book, Off The Wall Marketing Ideas, is all about! Let me know if I can design some clever marketing, PR or social media for your business.

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