Smart Marketing To Sick Children

As a Boston marketing and PR professional, I’m always seeking good – and bad – examples of marketing and PR campaigns.  Today, with the greatest of enthusiasm, I’m here to tell you about a FABULOUS new marketing campaign geared to children – which should receive some kind of award.

It solves one of the problems that most children, struggling with cancer, have: the fear and uncertainty of the unknown.  I can only imagine how scared a child would feel, not understanding what their illness is all about, and also not comprehending the methods that will be used to help them, in what they must perceive as a frightening hospital room.

The advertising agency JWT has recently partnered with not only Warner Bros., but with a cancer center in Brazil.  Their goal? To craft an initiative that would take the “scary” out of chemotherapy at the  A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo. Their goal is to help children with cancer better understand what is happening to them. JWT has devised a solution that is nothing less than brilliant: They have transformed chemotherapy drugs into what they now call a “Superformula,” so that children undergoing treatment can tap into the world of superheroes. For example, the chemotherapy bags, instead of being clear plastic with liquid inside, now bear colorful covers with the logos of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and The Green Lantern. How terrific is that?  This clever solution is sure to help children fight their important fight and make them feel more powerful in their circumstances as they defeat cancer and other evils. Superman is there, right at the entrance to the wing, to set the tone.  Kudos to the entire marketing team on this one.

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