Smart Marketing: Katie Holmes Touts – and Owns — Haircare Company

Here’s a marketing post about beauty marketing, and about the smart pairing of celebrities with name-brand products.

I have blogged previously about the fact that celebrity Jennifer Aniston is now a co-owner of Living Proof, based in Cambridge, Mass. She will not only be a spokesperson for the haircare company, and not just a paid endorser – she is part owner of the company, giving her testimonials even more credibility. Ads show her touting the product as the “co-owner” of the company.

She will make a bazillion more dollars as a result of this — not that she needs it.

A similar move has been announced by Alterna Haircare. As a Boston marketing consultant, and a marketing consultant specializing in unusual strategies, I believe that these types of marketing marriages are a win-win for everyone. It’s so blatantly true that celebrities in this country are worshipped and seen as role models – and sometimes, the worse their behavior, the better. But a celebrity endorsement, nonetheless, can always kickstart any company’s marketing campaign.

Alterna is know for all kinds of haircare products, including $60 “Ten Shampoo’” and “$32 hair conditioner. (Seems to me you need a celebrity to afford it!) They have hired actress and entrepreneur Katie Holmes as their co-owner and first-ever celebrity spokesperson for the brand. Over the course of her multi-year deal with Alterna, the ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise will offer her creative and consumer insights to help the brand grow and expand its devout consumer following around the world, as well as inspire salon and retail partners.

“Katie inspired us by gracefully evolving from an actress to a multi-faceted artist, designer and style icon,” says Joan Malloy, President/CEO of Alterna Haircare. “We’re confident that adding Katie’s natural beauty, gorgeous hair and creative instincts to our state-of-the-art, results-driven haircare collection will be a game-changing combination.”

Consumers will get their first glimpse at the partnership with in Spring 2013. Marketing will appear in March women’s beauty, lifestyle and salon trade publications. This will be the largest ad campaign for the company since its inception; the campaign invites consumers to experience the “transformational” power of Alterna products “after just one use” via product sampling.

Says Ms. Holmes: “I’m really proud to be a part of this company – not only because the products are incredible, but because their ‘accessible luxury’ and ‘free-of’ philosophy really speaks to me.”

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