Smart Marketing From A Football Team

Word has it that the National Football League’s St. Louis Rams are coming out with their own line of bottled water. The name of the nifty new H2O? Thirst and Ten. Hey, let’s do it again!
Each bottle will feature the team’s logo, color, and the URL to their website. They will be sold at the Edward Jones Stadium in St. Louis, and in a 75-mile radius around the stadium
As a Boston marketing expert and copywriter, I find this to be very clever, although what the world needs now is not another bottled water.

But this is clever marketing.

It reminds me. When Britney Spears porked up a few years ago and got fat, many thought that her career was over. (Sort of what happened to Jessica Simpson last year, although she’s now gaining PR momentum again with her gig with Weight Watchers.) Now that Britney’s making headlines on the X Factor TV show, her career seems to be in full swing again. But I remember saying to myself that she needed some kind of product placement back then that would have gotten her name favorably in the public eye again. My idea back then? I told my husband Bill that Ms. Britney should come out with a line of pickles. Call them Britney Spears.

And that reminds me. In my bestselling book Off The Wall Marketing Ideas: Jumpstart Your Sales Without Busting Your Budget, my co-author Nancy Michaels and myself did an interview with a clever PR gal in California named Marci Blaze. She fully capitalized on her last name, especially with her stationery. After all, as I tell all of my audiences when I give a presentation, marketing is the art of making yourself memorable. When Ms. Blaze got her letterhead, she singed all of the bottom end of her stationery with a match, so it looked like it had been in a fire – or a blaze. She wound up burning through many printers, so to speak, but the name recognition was all worth it.

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