Today’s marketing strategy? Always showcase your business benefits, not just your features. It reminds me of a crackerjack marketing technique that I featured in my book Off The Wall Marketing Ideas. I profiled a seamstress in New Hampshire, who created custommade wedding veils and millinery. This savvy seamstress created a brochure that she handed out to brides – but she didn’t just showcase and feature her creations. Instead, she showed the four face shapes – oval, heart-shaped, round, and square – and with each face shape she demonstrated the bridal veils and headpieces that would be ideal for each, and which benefitted and complemented each face shape. This brochure was an effective sales marketing tool, and all of the brides held onto it when it came time to buy. Her ideas were so good that bridal magazines wrote about this seamstress, and publicized her business. And that’s always good for the bottom line. This is a marketing strategy that works for small business and big businesses alike.For more information, visit my website at

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