Say “I Do” To Charmin’s Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

Mr. Whipple – you are so long gone. This marketing blog post is about how the Charmin toilet-paper brand has created massive, massive positive publicity – and sales – with its creation of the toilet-paper wedding dress contest.

As a marketing expert who specializes in beauty and fashion, all I can say is that this is an excellent idea, and that the brains who created this — are brilliant.
Most advertising and PR for toilet paper is pretty awful. There’s an emphasis on double-ply and how strong the toilet tissue is.
But with this contest, Charmin has taken a difficult product to sell, and infused it with cachet – as well as cash. What woman, in the hopes of winning the $10,000 grand prize, wouldn’t be interested in crafting a wedding gown with rolls of TP — whether or not she plans to wear it? And for creative types such as artists, interior designers, graphic designers – well, they must a jump at the opportunity to do something so unbelievably creative – as would wedding-gown designers, and owners of wedding-gown shops.
This concept is similar to when, for example, designers have crafted dresses from all kinds of unusual products, including plastic credit cards.
Charmin partnered with, for this annual event. The website’s founders, Laura Gawne and Susan Bain started the contest a decade ago in order to promote their website.
It’s been a huge hit.
All of the elaborate gowns, veils, purses and headpieces must be made of nothing but Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper. The only other products that are allowed to be used are thread, tape and glue.
The winning dress was nicknamed “Romance On A Roll” and it was created by a 28-year-old woman from Michigan who owns an online boutique. She was a three-time winner. More than 1,400 people entered the contest.
Read more about it here:
This is the type of offbeat marketing I discuss in all of my in-person marketing speaking engagements, as well as in the book that I co-authored, Off The Wall Marketing Ideas.

This is a strategic marketing partnership that is definitely on a roll!

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