Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing in the Greater Boston Area

Being a restaurant owner is certainly not one of the easiest jobs out there, from personnel management, quality control to satisfaction of the customers. It is very time-consuming to run a restaurant. With that in mind, it leaves little time for you to market your restaurant. Marketing a restaurant is almost a completely different set of knowledge that needs to be acquired in your brief window of leisure time. If you aren’t sure on how to bring in more business or can’t find time to learn more about restaurant marketing, consider Maxima Marketing based in the Greater Boston area. We have plenty of experience working with clients in Greater Boston to increase more revenue with restaurant marketing.
Restaurant Copywriting

Restaurant Website Copywriting & Media Press

Whether you have a new or old website, the content that is being delivered has to be written in an effective way. Important information such as hours, pricing, menu, and locations has to be written on the website. It is essential to communicate this information to your customers digitally, or you might be missing out on a large amount of business. This is crucial when you have a special event that you would like to promote and good copywriting can convince a customer who might be on the fence to dine in your restaurant and increase revenue. 

Restaurant Branding & Slogan Generation

If you are looking for help on branding your restaurant, we are here to help. Creating a memorable business may seem difficult to some but we love creating professional and memorable slogans, logos, and brand messaging for restaurants.We will help make a great first impression to deliver your brand to visitors.
Branding and Brand Marketing


If you have a new business or a struggling business and are looking for consultations on your restaurant’s branding, messaging, slogans, website copywriting, and would like to take it to the next level, contact us today at (781) 407-9305 or fill out our contact form. We are proud to serve restaurants and businesses in Westwood, Dedham, Canton, Needham, and the Greater Boston area.


"I have worked with Debbi Kickham and her company, Maxima Marketing, for more than 20 years.  Aside from being a distinguished travel writer, Debbi is an astute marketing expert who totally understands the audiences she is trying to reach.  She has written countless features about our restaurant, Moby Dick's, for a wealth of publications, and in every article, she gets it right and conveys our key message points in a thorough and entertaining manner.  

Todd Barry Owner Moby Dick's Restaurant, Wellfleet, MA June 20, 2017