Publicity Stunts Put Pizzazz In Marketing

Here’s today’s marketing tip from a prolific Boston-based marketing consultant and publicist. Every business should carefully consider staging a publicity stunt for their business. It can work wonders! Some incredibly successful publicity stunts include the three-year search and casting for the part of Scarlett O’Hara in the movie Gone With the Wind, and even the creation of the Academy Awards in 1928. One of my favorite publicity stunts was when the furniture store Ikea put 30 bookcases filled with books, on the sands of Bondi Beach in Australia, to promote literacy in that country. Here are some tips. First of all, get permission for whatever you’re planning. Be bold and try to think out of the box. (Bear in mind, I’m the author of the bestseller OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS.) Remember to build anticipation beforehand, to get the public whipped up into excitement about your event. And make sure to write a press release about it, which you can distribute to the media after the event. You might just wind up with an Oprah moment on your hands, when she handed out Pontiac cars to her audience. Publicity stunts might be the marketing strategy your company is aching for. I’m a Boston-based marketing consultant for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, hair salons and skincare salons, so I know what I’m talking about. Call me at (781) 407-9305 for a free consultation.

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