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Need to get the word out about your business, products, services or events? What business doesn’t? Maxima Marketing, an experienced Westwood public relations agency can help. With our experience in publicity events and media promotions, we can orchestrate media coverage for your general and specific marketing campaigns. Some examples:

Multimedia Promotion

Maxima Marketing worked extensively with Boston Cosmetic Center, a leading plastic surgery medical practice in the Boston area, where we masterminded marketing and public relations for Dr. Anthony Weikel, Surgical Director of this active medical specialty practice. Dr. Weikel is a self-taught painter who makes copies of Vermeer masterpieces, among other works, for his own personal use.

Girl with a Pearl EarringWe developed promotional and marketing materials highlighting Dr. Weikel’s talent for painting in oils, and as part of this campaign marketed Dr. Weikel to Hollywood producers of the feature film, Girl With a Pearl Earring, based on the life of Johannes Vermeer.

As part of this promotional campaign, we created a special marketing and publicity event at the Boston premiere of the movie, where Dr. Weikel displayed his work to audiences attending the film’s premiere. Our work resulted in a major feature in the pages of WellesleyWeston magazine and broadcast news features about Dr. Weikel on FOX Television and on the local NBC affiliate.

Multivendor Media Campaign: “My Faux Chateau”

Maxima Marketing President, Debbi Kickham, created and publicized the world’s first decorate-on-a-dime showhouse, to help women achieve first-class home decorating at coach prices. Designing and decorating her home to look like it cost a million bucks and branding the project My Faux Chateau™, she marketed and promoted the construction project as the showhouse for people “With Champagne Taste But Only A Sparkling-Cider Budget.”

For the My Faux Chateau project, Maxima Marketing worked and partnered with numerous home décor product manufacturers and vendors to develop unique promotional strategies and press releases, which we distributed to hundreds of media.

This marketing and media campaign was so successful that the local ABC-TV affiliate, WCVB in Boston, showcased our My Faux Chateau project in a special feature segment on the network affiliate’s popular Chronicle show, branding her as “Martha Stewart’s Discount Double.”

The promotions and press releases that we developed and distributed resulted in dozens of articles about My Faux Chateau, in everything from The Boston Globe to Good Housekeeping to trade journals for the wallpaper and paint industries, where she successfully conveyed each vendor’s key messages. The result? More consumer traffic and increased sales for participating vendors!

 “Debbi Kickham possesses a unique combination of contagious enthusiasm and resourceful imagination which translates into excitement. She is well organized and capable of handling complex projects; she composed and published our newsletter. She is a natural writer who can bring her own interesting slant into the subjects she writes about.”

—Anthony Weikel, M.D. , Surgical Director, Boston Cosmetic Center

“I have found Debbi to be creative and motivated. She is a skillful in communicator—and media savvy. Getting results is always her top priority. As well, Debbi is a real pleasure to work with.”

—Leon de Magistris, Owner, Leon & Co.

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