Progressive Insurance Witch Commercial: Is Flo a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

I’m sorry I even have to ask the question. But I am outraged by the latest ad by Progressive Insurance.

Their ads featuring Flo are wildly popular, and I agree – they are humorous and memorable, which is a goal for all advertisements and commercials.

But to portray her as a witch who is going to get burned after her witch trial?

Shame on you, Progressive.

The witch trials in Salem were a travesty of justice. They really happened, and are a sad chapter in American history. To use them as a vehicle to sell insurance is outrageous.

Furthermore – it should be noted that a Jordanian pilot was indeed burned to death by ISIS a few weeks ago.

This is so bloody insensitive I can’t stand it.

I’ve read some comments online about this ad – and some people have said that it is akin to Flo showing up at Auschwitz, or at Jesus’ crucifixion.

This ad is so in poor taste that it’s almost incomprehensible. This is very, very bad marketing. It’s not funny.

As a marketing content provider, and professional marketing expert: Burning someone is no joke, and should not be part of anyone’s marketing plan to increase sales.

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