Personalize Your Email

As a marketing expert specializing in working with plastic surgeons, hair and skincare salons, and dentists, I have some great ideas for all small business people. Today’s tip? Get rid of your boring email, and personalize it with colorful stationery. It’s a great new way to make you – and your business – memorable, which is the secret to successful marketing. A brand new company called Meeble Mail puts the “me” in your email, with more than 500 designs that you can add to your plain-white email. The stationery comes in categories such as Contemporary, Men, Classic, Preppy, Trends and Seasonal, and in a rainbow of colors. It adds a pop of your own personality to your emessages. Creator Sharon Gaffney says that her focus groups went crazy for it.” It’s just $5 for a year’s worth of e-stationery, and soon can even upload your own logo. From this June 13 to July 13, my readers will even receive a 20% discount if you plug in the discount code “MMinute.” Having unusual email stationery is an untraditional, low-cost marketing strategy that can reap big results and make you memorable.

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