You see it time and time again – business professionals who attend networking meetings, and stick onto their lapel a nametag that says, ‘HELLO MY NAME IS.”


A plain ‘ol nametag will not get others to remember you.

An effective marketing tactic, and a smart marketing strategy, is to create something you can affix to your jacket, which will not only help people to remember you, but which can be used as a conversation starter.

As the co-author of the bestseller OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS, I take the cover of my book, have it shrunk down, laminated, and made into a little nametag with a small clip, so I can attach it to my clothing. It definitely stands out from the crowd, and entices others to ask what this nametag is all about, thus setting the stage for a conversation. If you’ve won an award, shrink it down and do the same thing – people will definitely notice. Likewise, if you have a hobby that pertains to your business, think about how you can morph that idea into a nametag. Let’s say you’re a travel agent and your favorite destination is Maui – why not create a small tag with a palm tree on it along with your name? The options – and the marketing strategies they offer – are endless.

With a unique nametag used as your marketing technique, you’ll be the pro that everyone talks about, talks to – and remembers. That can very well impact your bottom line.
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