Today’s marketing tip is to do something different, because it frequently has great results. I know that because I’m a marketing expert, who specializes in servicing plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, hair salons, and skincare salons. I’m in love with this marketing gimmick. An investment management firm wanted to re-engage with advisors who were facing challenges in their business due to a volatile market. Their message? They helped navigate stranded investors through stormy financial seas. So, they packaged it all in – are you ready? – 7-inch, plastic bottles with a paper map inside — something that you might find if you were shipwrecked – and it was the proverbial message in a bottle. Inside the bottle was just enough information to pique someone’s interest, and a link to a website. A whopping 46 percent of targeted customers visited the URL and 13 percent completed an online form. Mind you, the bottle was sent without a box. Isn’t that clever? For more crackerjack, clever marketing ideas, give me a call at my business, Maxima Marketing, at (781) 407-9305.

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