I love wacky, wild, unusual, crazy marketing techniques.  (I call it Meshuganah Marketing — based on the Yiddish word for ‘craziness.’) A Meshuganah Marketing tip requires more creativity than cash — and that’s  why it usually stands out.  And more important, that’s why they work.  Because marketing is the art of making yourself memorable.  I say this numerous times in my bestseller OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS. There’s the story of the financial planner who sent out a mailing  to 100 people– each business letter included one $1 lottery ticket, and a message — “Please take a chance on me.” It was a huge success.  Like the gal who interviewed for a job at Levi-Strauss and put her resume on a piece of denim.  She got the job.  Or the job interviewee who so wanted a foot in the door of a corporation that he sent them a shoebox containing one shoe, and his resume.  Think, people! As a Boston-based marketing consultant, I am always impressed when business people utilize more creativity than cash.  So can you! Check out my website for Maxima Marketing,my business.

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