Marketing? Use Statistics To Your Advantage

I”m kind of a Jill of all trades. At my Boston-based business, Maxima Marketing, I’m a skilled editor and proofreader, as well as a marketing copywriter, marketing and public-relations expert, and a publicist for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and skincare and hair salons. With all of my clients, I search for the angles that make them special, unique and different. How to be a marketing success? Well, one way is to determine what aspects of your industry are predicted to experience growth – and go from there. For example, McDonald’s is now promoting itself as a hip, happening place, that serves mango-pineapple smoothies. That’s because restaurant analysts have determined that snacks and breakfast will be the restaurant industry’s only growth categories in the future. So, McDonald’s has positioned itself as a healthy place to eat. McDonald’s launched smoothies last summer, and it has also rolled out oatmeal, fancy coffee drinks that compete with Starbucks, as well as free wireless access, all making it seem like a cool place to hang out, have a snack, and surf the internet. What is going on in your industry, that you can take advantage of? Get those statistics, and get growing. For more assistance with your marketing efforts, make sure to read my blog at Maxima Marketing, and check out my bestselling book, OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS.

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