Marketing To Dads Is Food For Thought

Today’s marketing strategy is all about iconic brands – and I’m going to share with you some info about an advertising character who is currently being updated. He’s now 60 years old. He once got a facelift to make his football-shaped head more round. And his physique boasts a tiny little waist. Who is it? What if I said, “They’re GREAT!” Yup, it’s Tony the Tiger – whose purpose in life has been to convince Moms and children that Frosted Flakes should be in their shopping cart. But what’s making headlines is that the new ad campaign for Tony focuses on Dads. Marketing executives discovered that there’s a growing trend of fathers buying groceries. So there’s a new ad showing kids and Dads sharing a bowl together, which will air during adult programming on networks including ESPN. This way, Frosted Flakes stays at top of mind for dads and their kids – and at the top of the shopping list. Want more marketing tips? Call me at (781) 407-9305 for a free 15-minute consultation. I’m a Boston-based marketing consultant and a marketing and PR professional who specializes in working with plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, hair salons and skincare salons. Check out my bestselling business book, Off The Wall Marketing Ideas, available on

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