Marketing Tip: Hold A Contest Like Venus Swimwear

One of the smart, savviest marketing tactics a company can take to promote itself is to hold a contest. Hawaiian Tropic has done this many times, quite sucessfully, in Australia since 1991, and another company that has proudly conducted a model search is Venus, a manufacturer of high-end fashions and swimwear, based in Jacksonville, Fla. (Check out my blog post on Venus, professing my love for their clothes, by clicking here). The company has been doing model searches for more than 15 years; even “The Donald” himself – Donald Trump – flew in for the event in 2002.

As ownership of Venus changed, there was a lull in the Model Search for Ms. Venus, but it returned to smashing success in 2011. The winner was Kayla Gill, was flown to Miami to join Venus on a photo shoot. Check it out by clicking here.

For 2012 there was an even larger contest held, and more than 1,000 models from across the United States and abroad entered. A panel of judges chose the Top 70 entrants, and their photos were posted online for public voting. Public votes and judges’ votes determined the Top 12 finalists. And the winner is – Melissa. Check her out by clicking here here.

The winner receives an all-expenses-paid test shoot with Venus, and $1,000.

Each contestant competed in the cocktail dress and swimwear category.

As a marketing expert, I believe it’s safe to say that Venus now has at least 1,000 new customers! And that’s what smart marketing is all about.

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