Marketing That Spoofs Movies

What can you do to maximize your marketing and make you and your business memorable? I’m a marketing and public relations expert, who frequently works with plastic surgeons, hair and skincare salons and dentists. But I look to Cardi’s Furniture Stores for this tip. Why not spoof movies and TV shows? That’s what Cardi’s Furniture Stores have been doing for years, and owners Nick, Ron and Peter Cardi confirmed to me that it’s been great for business. They admit that their movie spoofs of Batman and Star Wars have little to do with sofas and chairs, but the idea takes their business out of the everyday advertising clutter, and gets people talking – and paying attention. To create their movie spoofs, the Cardi brothers built their own in-house studio to keep costs down. When they spoofed Betty White’s performance on Saturday Night Live, they put their 89-year-old mom in the commercial, and aired it right before SNL began on Saturday night. It was a huge hit – and sounds like an Oscar-worthy venture to me. This is unconventional, unusual marketing that I call “Meshuganah Marketing.” Try it and see for yourself!

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