Marketers Tout Toilet-Paper Advertising as Low-Cost Marketing Solution

Are you sitting down? Soon there may be advertising in the most private of places: The bathroom. Yes, I’m sure we have all experienced ads placed on the backs of stall doors, in public bathrooms, in order to get out attention. But advertising may soon be on your roll of squeezable Charmin. Here’s a company that hopes to be flush with cash, thanks to this low-cost marketing strategy that is definitely off the wall — or should I say, off the roll.

Bryan and Jordan Silverman are creators of toilet tissue printed with ads, and some even come with coupon codes that can be read by cellphones. Twenty-two-year-old Jordan Silverman created the idea for Star Toilet Paper in 2010. His 18-year-old brother says he was initially skeptical but came to see it as advertising to “a really captive audience.”

The brothers from Rye Brook, New York, have entered their concept in a contest run by Entrepreneur magazine.

Their website is

The Star Toilet Paper executives say that they use the highest quality of toilet paper. They also say that it is

– Comfortable to use
– 100% recycled, environmentally friendly
– Made with non-abrasive ink (soybean-based)
– Septic safe
– Easy to read
– Custom printed to feature great coupons from local companies

They claim that the benefits and advantages of their toilet paper advertising, include the fact that it costs you just half a cent per ad, and that this “guerilla marketing” sets you apart from other vendors, especially in coupon books, Yellow Pages, and in the newspaper.

I’ll tell you this, as a Boston marketing expert and business writer – it’s creative. But the next thing you know, advertising is going to pop up in many more unexpected places – such as jail cells and coffins.

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