As an expert in plastic surgery marketing, cosmetic dental marketing, hair salon marketing, and skincare salon marketing, I know good marketing when I see it. I’m also the author of the bestseller Off The Wall Marketing Ideas. Here’s something we can all do: Market yourself like a rock star. By that I mean the Grateful Dead. In the new book entitled Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead, the authors explain how this rock band generated millions of dollars in ticket sales and a massive fan base. One of the most extraordinary things the band did was to forego focusing on album sales, which in the 1960s, was the primary source of revenue for artists. Instead, the Grateful Dead focused on touring. They were one of the first bands to compile a mailing list, and they created their own ticketing office, to offer the best seats to their most loyal fans. It worked. By bucking the traditional thinking of the time and not conforming to industry-wide practices, the Grateful Dead became one of the best-known bands ever. They did something different – and so can you. That’s smart marketing, and it can also be no-cost, low-cost marketing too. Check out my website for Maxima Marketing,my business.

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