Market Yourself In A New Venue

Today’s marketing tip is to look for new venues where you can market and publicize your business. That’s what happened with 800 GOT JUNK. When Ben Hopper started up his 1-800-GOTJUNK franchise in Canada he had problems with a tried-and-true grassroots-marketing technique: the signs that he plunked into lawns and street corners. In his neck of the woods, homeowners and city work crews perceived them as clutter. So Hopper innovated and tacked his signs to telephone poles. He keeps them 10 feet off the ground, no one bothers them – and everyone driving by notices them. He says that as soon as we started this strategy, there was a dramatic increase in call volumes. In my book, literally, that’s MESHUGANAH MARKETING! Hopper spends about $1,200 a year – or about $1.50 a piece – on the signs. These signs stick in people’s minds because they notice them while they sit in traffic. As a marketing expert and author of OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS, I like this idea. If you need a marketing and public relations expert, check out my website at

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