Market Your Business By Starting Your Own Association

If you’re seeking marketing and public relations of your business, why not create your own association? Years ago, I knew a savvy businesswoman who was a wedding planner. She saw a need for wedding planners like herself to get quoted in the media and provide useful information, all over the country, and so she started the Association of Wedding Planners. She sent out press releases to the media, and before you can say, “I Do,” newspapers and magazines were calling her, looking for tips and advice they could provide to brides. Similarly, I knew two women who were professional dog walkers in their community. They started their own association of dog walkers, and invited other dog walkers to join their association for a fee. They became known for their expertise. My advice? Search for a niche to fill in your industry. You may be surprised at the opportunities that arise when you start your own association. I say that as a marketing expert, and someone who is a cosmetic surgery marketing consultant and publicist, and a cosmetic dentristry marketing consultant and publicist. Check out my blog at Maxima Marketing for a wealth of great marketing and PR ideas, tips and strategies that require more creativity than cash.

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