Today’s marketing tip might seem obvious, but is important to emphasize – one of my best marketing strategies is this: never offend your customers. I say this in light of the smart marketing decision that Aflac Insurance recently made, by firing comedian Gilbert Gottfried. In case you haven’t heard, Mr. Gottfried was the voice of the famous Aflac duck. After the recent catastrophe in Japan, however, Mr. Gottfried Twittered all kinds of jokes about the disaster – while the bulk of Aflac’s revenues come from Japan. The Aflac executives promptly fired Mr. Gottfried from his position, due to his insensitivity. It’s shocking that Mr. Gottfried would bite the hand that feeds him, and he did issue a public apology. But I heartily endorse Aflac’s decision to let him go. Remember, while controversy can be absolutely great for marketing, offending your customers is just plain bad. I say this as a consultant specializing in marketing for plastic surgeons, marketing for cosmetic dentists, marketing for hair salons, and marketing for skincare salons. For more information, visit my website at www.MarketingAuthor.com.

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