Look Backward To Get Ahead In Marketing

I’m a marketing expert for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and hair salons and skincare salons. Here’s a marketing tip. Today, if you want to make a statement about your business, you shouldn’t just think ahead. In fact, you may want to look back, and go retro. Some of your favorite brands are rolling out old-school items, in response to an uncertain economy and a desire for simpler times. For example, Pepsi is bringing back the first-edition designs that graced its soda cans in the 1970s, and the Mountain Dew cans in the 1950s. And Heinz, which discontinued its eight-sided glass ketchup bottle in the Nineties, is just now bringing back that version of the classic condiment. Doritos chips are even reviving their taco flavor chips, and the design on the bag that originated in the 1960s. No matter your industry, you can look back, perhaps to the age of Mad Men in the Fifties, and take notice of the way that certain brands were advertised and packaged. If you can bring some of that to bear on your product or service, you just might have a hit on your hands. Check out my website at Maxima Marketing.

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