Long Live The (Burger) King?

Here’s today’s marketing question — How do you feel about the marketing of the king in Burger King’s advertising? No matter, he is now long gone, thanks to the new advertising agency that has created a new marketing campaign for the fast-food company. After seven years of marketing commercials such as the Whopper Freakout, and Chicken Fries and Flame cologne, the fast food chain believes it’s time to get back to the real deal – the food. In the new advertising spots, Burger King offers close-ups of avocados, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. The verdict? Well, most people believe the new ads are boring and could easily be an ad for McDonald’s, Red Robin or Applebee’s. Which brings us to the first rule of marketing – always make sure to concentrate on your unique selling points, which help you to differentiate yourself from the competition. I say this as a Boston-based marketing consultant and publicist for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, hair salons and skincare salons. Call me at Maxima Marketing at (781) 407-9305 for a free 15-minute consultation. I’m also the co-author of the bestseller, OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS, which is filled with hundreds of marketing strategies and tips, many of which are no-cost and low-cost.

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