Let’s Boycott CVS For Celebrating Easter in December

It was bad enough when CVS used to display Valentine’ s Day cards on the day after Christmas. That is sickening enough.  But what did I see today on December 27th in my local Consumer Value Store? EASTER EGG DISPLAYS. No kidding, folks. I am OUTRAGED. I suggest we all boycott CVS for this abominable, insane push to get us all to buy, buy, buy, with no thought on their part that what they are doing is completely inappropriate. As a marketing expert, and marketing copywriter, I find a chocolate Easter egg display in December absolutely outrageous. It’s almost as bad as stores being open on Thanksgiving for Christmas shopping. Where does this insanity end? Here is corporate America, again, doing everything they can to get consumers to spend, spend, spend.  I’m furious. This is a bad, bad marketing idea.  From now on, I’m going to Walgreen’s.

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