Kmart’s New Ad Campaign Stinks

Here’s a blog post about what I think is a really bad marketing campaign.

If you needed any more proof that this country’s morals and values are going right down the drain, all you need to do is watch the brand new commercial from Kmart, which I may add, has gone viral as of today, April 12, 2013. I had to force myself to watch it, after reading all the hoopla about it. Kmart is debuting its new online shipping service, and in the commercial, they show all kinds of people – men, women, kids, seniors, etc. – all happy and thrilled to say that now they can “ship their pants.” It’s a play on words, which gets you to do a double-take when you hear it. (Say those three words out loud and you will see what I mean.) I am horrified by this. This is funny? This is clever? This is the result of brainstorming? This is completely sophomoric, and will appeal to most 12-year-olds. Besides its vulgarity, what kills me about this ad campaign, is that it was created by a bunch of advertising people and marketing experts – highly paid executives – and this is the BEST that they could come up with? As a Boston marketing expert and marketing author myself, here is what I think: If I were ever so gauche as to recommend this kind of ad campaign to my clients, they would have every right to toss me out on my ear – and fill me with shame for such a suggestion. Even if I did shop at Kmart — I wouldn’t go there anymore.

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