July is Marketed as National Ice Cream Month

I’ve marketed and publicized a wealth of businesses, and I specialize in being a plastic surgery publicist and a cosmetic dentistry publicist. But the concepts of marketing are always the same, no matter the industry or business. For example, July is marketed as National Ice Cream Month, and you can make that marketing strategy work for you. I can’t think of a better way to attract new and potential customers, than to have an ice cream party for customers or patients at your location. Work with your local scoop shop, or even try sendascoop.com, a maker of homemade and handmade ice creams, in 32 flavors, which soon will offer organic, soy, and vegan ice cream cakes. Here’s another idea: give out your business cards, and work out a deal with your local scoop shop, so that everyone who presents your business card there gets a free cone. That’s inexpensive, low-cost marketing. As a writer, I have written lots of July articles about ice cream, including a feature story focusing on the offbeat – it was a story about Ben & Jerry’s and the wacky flavors they created that weren’t successful. It was a fascinating story and the type of wacky or “Meshuganah Marketing” tactic that always attracts an audience.

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