I’m Lovin the McDonald’s Ad

I’m as cynical and as skeptical as they come, but I really do like the new McDonald’s ad campaign.

I only saw one ad, and in it, a McDonald’s staffer tells a customer that his money is no good, and that he has to “pay” for his meal with something else: He has to call his Mom and simply tell her that he loves her. Right then and there. Under the golden arches.

Other costs: The price of breakfast? “Dial up your mom, tell her that you love her.” The price of a snack? “Telling me what you love about your son.” The price of a Happy Meal? “One big family hug.” The price of a strawberry sundae? “Dance right now.”

I love this idea.

The Internet abounds with people who hate this ad, and claim that instead of calling your Mom you should just call McDonald’s corporate offices at 630-623-3000 and complain about how their staff is underpaid – and likely spits in your food.

But as an advertising copywriter, and owner of Maxima Marketing in Westwood, Mass., and a marketing expert, I think this ad is timely due to Valentine’s Day.

This concept of paying for something with an act of kindness is something that we all should be inspired to do. Yes, I know that McDonald’s is the kingpin of the junk-food world, and I personally never eat it.

But as cynical as I am, I like the ad and it certainly is in synch with McDonalds tagline: I’m lovin’ it.

Even if it’s schmaltzy.

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