Of course you’re going to send out emailed invoices to your clients, advising them of what they owe you in terms of professional fees.

But it’s a very smart, low-cost marketing technique to use those invoices to your advantage. In fact, it’s a no-cost marketing technique for small businesses.

• How about including a small announcement about a special offer or discount?
• Or a link to media coverage about your business or industry in The Boston Globe?
• Or information about an award you’ve won?
• Or a special link with news about your business or industry?
• Maybe include an invitation to join you at a Rotary meeting?
• Or an invitation to an upcoming event for your business?
• And an announcement about your donation to a local charity?

There’s typically a lot of white space on an invoice, and if you’re doing a mailing, you might as well make it into an effective marketing tool, especially when you’re self-employed. In fact, every contact you have with your customers should be used to have a positive effect. The more you have contact with your customers, the better – and the more upbeat information you can share with them, the better. That’s just smart marketing – and it can translate to increased sales for your business.
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