How To Grab A Reporter’s Attention

I’m a marketing expert who works with plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, hair and skincare salons, and all types of retailers. I know a good press release when I see one — and when I write one! And the truth is, writing and distributing a press release via email is an absolutely no-cost marketing strategy. If you’re marketing your business, Do you know how to grab a reporter’s attention? Then follow these rules when sending out a press release to the media. First, in the body of your email, make sure that you have a salutation that includes the reporter’s name. Try to also indicate that you have read some of this reporter’s writing. Failure to do so may get your press release deleted immediately. Make sure to include important url’s. Don’t forget to include all of your contact information, including your cell phone, office phone, business email address, and other important details. And whatever you do, make sure to proofread your email and press release. It’s amazing to me how many mistakes I see in press releases that are sent to me, and it makes me wonder if the sender will get the facts straight, if he or she can’t get the wording right in a simple press release. And triple-check everything. For more savvy marketing tips, check out my blog on my website at Maxima Marketing.

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