How Recent Graduates Can Market Themselves

As a publicist and marketing expert for plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists, I know the value of making yourself and your business visible. Are you a recent graduate? You may need some marketing tips and marketing strategies to get that foot in the door. In fact, speaking of that, I heard about a job candidate who actually sent a pair of shoes to Human Resources at the company he hoped to work at, with the message, “I so want a foot in the door here I sent you my shoes.” Similarly, when I was researching my bestselling book, OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS, I heard about another job candidate, who basically did the same thing, only he sent an inexpensive chair he bought at a yard sale, with the message, “I so want a job interview here, I brought my own chair.” You can’t do these things on, but once you get the interview, I strongly suggest you get creative. Like the gal who wanted a job at Levi-Strauss, and wrote her resume on a piece of denim. She got the job. If you need a marketing copywriter, publicist, or marketing expert, check out my website at Maxima Marketing. My blog is also a wealth of marketing ideas, tips and strategies that are wacky, traditional, and creative. I have never met a “Meshuganah Marketing” tactic I didn’t love!

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