Today’s marketing tip? If you want to better market your product or services, try this marketing strategy: just ask your customers for their input. That’s what the Wrangler Company did back in 1947, when Wrangler hired a rodeo tailor to design jeans for cowboys. Ranch hands were asked their advice on whether the jeans needed extra thigh room or a bit more stretch in the rear. Today, Wrangler goes back back to those roots with a new jean design competition; the winner’s project will appear as part of of a collection launching this fall. All participants need to do is launch a video on the website NextBlue.com. How does this apply to you? Well, if you own a pizza shop, a flower store, or a nail salon, just run a contest and give a prize to the customer with the best idea for a new product or service. That’s a small price to pay for effective marketing. And an effective low-cost marketing strategy, for a corporation or a small business. For more information, visit my website at www.MarketingAuthor.com.

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