Have you read my bestselling book, Off The Wall Marketing Ideas? It contains a goldmine of get-successful marketing strategies. One of the most successful ways to make your business memorable, is to link it to a celebrity. When a Hollywood celebrity gives an endorsement to a product, well, it’s golden. The news is that the Kardashian sisters have just lent their name to fashion products that will debut at Sears. Bear in mind that the Kardashian family, that dysfunctional reality-series clan, raked up a whopping $65 million in profits last year. Over at competitor Kohl’s, there is a new debut of a fashion line with Jennifer Lopez’s name on it. Also at Kohl’s, there is a new launch of the Mark Anthony Collection – even though he and Jennifer are no longer together. It features $60 dress shirts for men and $180 military trench coats so you too can look like a sexy Latin star. Hollywood publicists are forever bombarding stars with their free merchandise, just in case that celebrity is photographed wearing or using it. If you can do the same for your business — maybe even just with a local celebrity — you may boost your business. I say this as a marketing expert and owner of Maxima Marketing, in Westwood, Mass.

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