I”m a marketing expert and the author of the bestselling book, OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS. So I love a good marketing strategy when I see it. For example, are you tired of visiting restaurants that don’t display enough energy? Well, Friendly’s is about to change all that. This week the fast-food chain is ramping up an aggressive and extremely simple campaign to get the energy level at all of its restaurants, up to the that of a high-school football game, with everyone as enthusiastic as a cheerleader. So, there will be lots of employees high-fiving customers, with a new mascot called High 5 Heidi, who is said to be a cross between Flo, the energetic employee of Progressive Insurance, and the Saturday Night Live comedian Amy Poehler. There’s also a special High Five menu, of course, with items priced at Five Bucks. Friendly’s main customer base is families, and they are betting that this new personal touch will strike a chord with Moms, Dads, and their children. Just don’t eat too many of those fattening hot-fudge sundaes. If you’d like some similar creative and untraditional marketing strategies, give me a call at (781) 407-9305.

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